Windows 2003/IIS & SQL 2000 Disaster Recovery
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Client Project: Dell PowerEdge server with internal storage on a SATA CERC controller in a RAID5 configuration.

Server collapse after multiple drive failure. Due to no backup of the system, client requested to recover any data available.

Diagnostic process included contacting Dell support who said nothing could be done and shipped out a replacement RAID controller and three hard drives. I replaced the CERC controller and reattached the existing drives in the proper order - forced the drives back into the original RAID5 configuration and into an online state - I was still unsuccessful to boot the system, but was able to image off the data to my laptop via Symantec Ghost - rebuilt the server and restored what data I could from this image - including the SQL databases.

The databases were placed onto the newly built system replacing the system databases and adding the others - brought the SQL server into a single user mode and extracted what data that could be recovered. Apart from some inconsistencies, nearly all data including the web site scripts were successfully recovered or recreated.

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