Deploy uphclean.exe through Group Policy
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During a technical call with Microsoft, one of the issues they noticed is we were not running the "User Profile Hive Cleanup Service." They asked we deploy this throughout the network computers to assist in releasing the user profiles so another task we have in place which removes student profiles on shutdown could execute accordingly.

To deploy, simply add both to a Group Policy's Computer Startup Script - initiating the uphclean.bat file. Make sure to adjust the appropriate settings for your environment.
-   uphclean.bat
   o   @ECHO OFF
   o   IF EXIST "C:\Windows\System32\uphclean.exe" GOTO END
   o   :INSTALL
   o   ECHO Setting up the UPH Clean Service...
   o   COPY "\\\SysVol\\Policies\{GUID of Group Policy}\Machine\Scripts\Startup\uphclean.exe" C:\windows\system32\uphclean.exe
   o   C:
   o   CD\windows\system32
   o   uphclean.exe -install
   o   :END
   o   ECHO File Already Exists...
   o   :COMPLETE
   o   ECHO Setup Complete...
-   uphclean.exe
   o   Download:

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