CouponCabin Fails to Fulfill Their Commitments
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Opened:  Monday, May 13, 2019     Closed:  Unknown
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On a recent trip to I followed their click through to an offering in which they promised $50 off $50 at Macy's. It seemed to good to be true and apparently it was. Following the purchase, I was promised that so long as I did not cancel, return, modify or change my order with Macy's, in August I would receive this magical $50 refund on my $100 order placed with Macy's.

I proceeded with the order and several days later, my spouse decided they would like to join in for these savings. My partner used their own account - completely unique from my own to also leverage one of these great deals; however, since we both live at the same address and use the same Internet, both our accounts were reported deactivated and the promised benefit was declined.

Since no where on their site does it very clearly suggest that two unique people, each with their own unique accounts, should avoid such activity in order to prevent Coupon Cabin's system from detecting multiple accounts to the same individual - it is hugely disappointing when they refuse to honor their commitments. A bate and switch sort of activity - promised that you will receive money for an order you probably would not have otherwise purchased and instead Coupon Cabin receives the benefit on your behalf.

I would beware of leveraging Coupon Cabin.

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